Weaving stories from sound: The City Rings-Project session 2

We began the session today by watching a short piece about a Foley Artist, Ellen Heuer

This was the starting point for a discussion about how we naturally create images when listening to sounds or even make assumptions. We wanted to listen to the sounds of De Regenboog school without knowing what the source was, and use this as the beginning of forming a story or pictures in our imagination.

We enjoyed reading all about how our partner school, listened to the sonic qualities of their mySounds which gave us lots of ideas. This is the beauty of collaboration where ideas can grow and develop.
Headphones on, we listened carefully to each of the mySounds choosing the ones which evoked strong images and feelings noting out comments in Notes we Airdropped them to the teacher iPad.
These selections were dragged into GarageBand and compositions created. As we were listening to these we shared; how they made us feel, any stories which flowed into our minds or childhood memories (for the adults) that were triggered


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