The City Rings Project – Exploring texture and composition

After revisiting The City Rings project goals and composition, students were introduced to their partner school, ‘De Regenboog’ in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, a town in the Western part of Brussels, Belgium. We listened to their school bell, exploring what colour the sound may be. Here’s what we thought; grey, grey, grey-green (lichen green) yellow, yellowy orange, dirty yellow, grey.

We were challenged by emotions that can be evoked by sound, with L noting how the sound of the school bell makes her feel anxious.

Interesting that we independently saw similar clouds. I wonder what colour our school bell is?

We discovered and inquired into the sonic qualities of our sound objects, recording firstly a group composition, conducted by one student and secondly capturing each sound object individually, directly into GarageBand.

Miss Lynne then gave us a masterclass in composition, discussing layers of sound and how to edit between thin and thick layers of a ‘cake’


Using these ideas were produced a collaborative composition.


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