Kindergarten Animate car creations

Following on from last week’s discovery tour of Create a Car and deconstruction of a car, children in Kindergarten set out to animate their own designs.

icaiappUsing ‘I can animate’ they were led on a magical journey of bringing their hand drawn cars to life. The whole class quickly developed into a production team consisting of chief animator, assistants and director/ camera operator. Following this they split up into groups to work with the app using toy cars. We shared their masterpieces via Airdrop and put together this little short.

The sound track was student voices recorded live into iMovie to create the finished piece with amazing emergent writing by A. for the titles and credits.

To complete their inquiries, the class tweeted a couple of astronauts to ask the question, “do rockets have engines and wheels like cars?”

…The Legendary Dutch Astronaut, André Kuipers replied!

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 20.48.07

Our Kindergarten are the future, and are embracing learning through inquiry by using all the resources that are to hand in ‘their world’.


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