Genius Hour launches in 4th Grade


The ripples of Genius hour continue to spread through school. The opportunity to learn something new, to research it and share it with the world, can only be positive. It can unlock creativity, lead to discovery of skills and interests previously unknown. 4th Grade began their journey this week. Continuing their previous unit of inquiry as intrepid explorers, they were inspired by the Genius Hour  introductory movie. Then began the ideation, generating all the ideas of things they may want to learn or make…

With the goal of generating 100 ideas, we managed 75 in 10 minutes. We then collaborated to develop category titles and sorted the ideas into these groups. To conclude the session we reflected on how some of our ideas would develop certain learner profile attributes. Next week begins the connection phase of our ideation and the process of refining ideas to one which we can create a driving question we would like to answer.


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