Why Minecraft is more than just another video game

Why Minecraft is more than just another video game

Many students are engrossed in collaborative game playing through Minecraft, at home, at school, during lunchtimes, on the train…

Is playing, learning? Can we develop essential future skills through Minecraft? Should we all be playing Minecraft or at least investigating the potential and inquiring into this virtual world of many of our children. A larger percentage of time of our children today is spent in virtual worlds through games such as Minecraft or through Social Media. Learning has evolved since ‘we went to school’, we need to embrace this and the amazing opportunities it represents.

This excellent article inquires into why so many of our kids are playing the game. The social benefits, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, use of higher order thinking skills are clearly evident. This surely supports the need to support and not to dismiss the game as an opportunity to learn.

So why the opposition to students playing at lunchtime in school if the game develops the so called ’21st Century skills’?

Sir Ken Robinson passionately champions the need for developing creativity through the arts


We as educators, learners & parents must open doors to creativity and not close them. To do this we must continue to be learners ourselves and embrace the transformation in learning, driven by the student voice and student driven, interest driven inquiry.

The embedded videos are my two son’s latest art projects created in response to the prompt ‘if I were a tree’.


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