Teaching our children to code

Teaching our children to code

With the UK leading the way regarding the teaching of computer science, I find it refreshing to reflect on how we are approaching this progressive approach in Switzerland.


These are indeed exciting times for digital learning and technology. Here at school we have already inspired many students, giving them an incite into the potential of transforming learning through the tools we have. In line with the philosophy of the IB, we aim to embed technology in all areas of the curriculum, currently using the SAMR model to guide our thinking:


Grade 9 students are coding with Scratch to create an interactive game for younger students as part of their Design Technology studies. I have introduced Hopscotch and Makey Makey across all grades with some exciting results. In Genius Hour we have two different teams who have chosen coding as their project, one to develop an app in Game Salad and the other an iPad, tilt sensitive game in Hopscotch. We plan to add Arduino coding and code academy later this year.

Grade One during their inquiries into to the nature of sound are deconstructing a mobile phone to determine what makes it buzz! I am curious how they will proceed then. The deconstructing things to see how they work is the very nature and meaning of ‘hacking’

All primary grades students are developing their own websites.



Having just followed the recent Mozilla festival in London I find it encouraging that we have progressed so far since opening, becoming leaders across the Lake Geneva area with our innovation.


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