BYOT Should students be permitted to bring their own technology for learning in school?

Digitally Aided Education, Using the Students’ Own Electronic Gear

The following article highlights an emerging trend in allowing students to bring their own technology to school.

Rather then ‘yes but’ we should be asking ‘what if, why not?’ (Nigel Barlow, 2012)

Is learning enhanced by using the digital media around us?

Are creative opportunities increased by having access to your own digital device?

As I read the article I reflected on a previous post where during a learning engagement students were experimenting with different material with which the challenge was, ‘to black out the classroom’. With no recording media available, one student suggested that she could use her mobile phone to take a photograph of the light entering the shoe box with each material.

What if I’d have said ‘No!’ How would that opportunity for learning changed?

Here’s the post:



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