Creativity in Schools-Parent Learning Community Workshop 2013

Creativity in Schools

This interactive workshop explored ideas developed out of the ever popular TED talk delivered by Sir Ken Robinson, ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ 



Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Using the recent success of Primary Student Led Conferences as a starting point, participants discussed how BMS is addressing some of the key points from the video, leading to the introduction of the BMSOneProject uniting the school under one piece of art work as inspiration for a whole curriculum.

Joined by the creative arts team and students from grade 6, participants embarked on a creative journey, collaborating to develop their own, ‘Flying Classroom’

Find a copy of the presentation by following the link below. This features different perspectives of creativity defined by various members of our learning community:



3 thoughts on “Creativity in Schools-Parent Learning Community Workshop 2013

  1. A big thank you to all participants this morning for taking part in this meaningful, engaging and very relevant discussion about creativity. The Grade 6 Drama students were exceptional. Their confidence, independence and creative direction was a shining example, highlighting many of Sir Ken Robinson’s powerful talk leading to the real relevance of developing the IB Learner Profile.

  2. I totally agree……..the creativity shown by our students is a joy to observe and for the school to support and encourage this makes my job as Drama teacher so much easier!! Thank you Mr Shillitoe for all
    your hard work and passion for this project.

    input and your engagement

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